Strategy-focused, Results-Driven Project Management

In today’s competitive environment, every dollar spent needs to be tightly tied to the bottom line: a company’s overall profitability. It’s become very clear that projects are strategic investments, and a project that makes money for the company or ensures value continuity is a good investment, and one that doesn’t make the company money or doesn’t provide value continuity is a bad one.

In addition to managing projects via the triple constraints of time, cost and scope, Resch Group takes a strategic, business approach to deliver maximum ROI and sustainable business value.  Our value-centric approach utilizes processes, techniques and tools to accurately forecast quantifiable business benefits, guide project execution towards those benefits, hand-off a solid value attainment plan to business operations and ultimately attain, and even exceed, the targeted business benefits.

ROI Measurements

ROI Measurements

We work closely with our clients to collaboratively answer the following strategic questions throughout the project lifecycle, and even beyond:

Pre-project deployment:

  • Should we invest in the project?
  • In which projects should we invest?
  • How do we differentiate between competing projects?
  • How do we calculate ROI and other business metrics?
  • What can we expect to achieve, in hard numbers, if we invest in this project?
  • What are the important non-ROI contributing benefits?
  • What are the success criteria for this project?
  • How do we account for risk and uncertainty?
  • How can we build an accurate business case with so much uncertainty?

Project Execution and Operations:

  • Is the project achieving its intended business objectives?
  • Is the project making us money or on track to making us money?
  • How can management help guide the execution to achieve and optimize business objectives?
  • Are the key metrics being monitored and reported upon?
  • Does management understand the metrics that are being reported?
  • Are the metrics useful?
  • Should we continue, modify or even terminate the project?


  • Was the project successful and a wise investment?
  • Did the project contribute to the company’s bottom line?
  • Did the project achieve its intended benefits?
  • Are we done monitoring and reporting upon the key project metrics?
  • What lessons learned can be garnered from this project?
  • Now what?

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