Strategic Project Management Transformation

1 Day Workshop
8 PDUs (4 Strategy, 2 Technical, 2 Leadership)

Billions of dollars are wasted each and every year as a result of failed projects, and that’s just in the U.S. alone! Failed projects, quite simply, are those that do not achieve their forecasted business benefits. A strong emphasis is placed on project delivery, but the focus on benefit attainment is seriously lacking. The transformation from project management to strategic project management is long overdue. All levels of organizations must embrace this transformation if we are to prevent this disturbing trend from continuing.

In this workshop, you will learn to be strategic thinkers and business leaders in the global project-based environment. You will appreciate and learn how to apply strategic planning, leadership best practices and business innovation to all of your projects. As a result, you will be able to consistently maximize and sustain the business results from your project investments – the ultimate goal of any project or program.

All attendees will receive cutting edge templates, free of charge, for these critical strategic project management artifacts:

  • Corporate / Departmental Business Plan
  • Project Business Case
  • Benefits Realization Plan
  • Project Management Quality Assurance (QA) Checklist

Course Learning Objectives

  • Recognize modern day project management challenges, trends and opportunities
  • Understand how to align project investments with strategic objectives and the overall corporate mission
  • Understand and appreciate ways to perform strategic planning and to develop a Business Plan document
  • Understand and appreciate ways to perform business forecasting and to develop a Business Case document
  • Understand and appreciate ways to perform competitive analysis
  • Learn how to redesign the traditional project management life cycle to ensure laser focus on benefit attainment
  • Incorporate quantitative techniques and sound business processes into an overall strategic project management framework
  • Learn how to develop a Benefits Realization Plan to ensure all forecasted benefits become a reality
  • Learn how to be a strategic leader by speaking proficiently in business and financial terms

Feedback comments on this workshop:

  • I really enjoyed the speaker. He was dynamic and made the material relevant to everyone. He was interactive with the crowd. The materials were awesome, and it was great that he shared the templates. Basically he gave us all a crash course in strategic project management that everyone could glean something from!!!
  • Great topic. We all need to remember the C-suite’s imperative to generate ROI on their shareholder’s dollar
  • Very upbeat and excited about project management, and he used good examples we could all relate to, like Dunkin Donuts and beer

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